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Lhasa OMS CARES Supports Sage Foundation Clinics

Lhasa OMS is the largest distributor of acupuncture supplies in the United States. They are exclusive importers of the highest quality and most in-demand acupuncture needles, offering the most competitive pricing and widest selection. The company was founded over forty years ago by the late Thomas Riihimaki after graduating from the New England School of Acupuncture. Tom had a mantra by which he lived his life, “to do well by doing good,” and this is how Lhasa OMS CARES was born.

Lhasa OMS CARES is the charitable arm of Lhasa OMS and it continues the tradition of “doing good” that Tom started. Lhasa OMS Cares supports healers around the world who donate their services and expertise to people in need. The program supports Veteran’s Clinics, Low Income Community Clinics, Relief work for victims of natural disasters, relief work for victims of manmade disasters, practitioners looking to support people in their communities.

Over the past forty + years, Lhasa OM CARES has donated over 52 million acupuncture needles (and other types of supplies such as herbs, cups, topicals, etc.), $1.3 million dollars, and 18,200 hours of staff time to help support acupuncturists’ relief efforts across the world. Every week they receive requests to help support community clinics, acupuncture schools, and international relief efforts. The goal is to help spread the benefits of acupuncture and its access to as many people as possible.

Lhasa OMS CARES is a proud supporter of Sonoran University Sage Foundation, providing acupuncture needles and supplies to our community clinics since 2016. We are grateful for this partnership as acupuncture is a vital aspect of so many patients’ care plans. Acupuncture can be an expensive treatment on its own, especially coupled with other healthcare services. Sonoran University Sage Foundation’s community clinics can provide these services at no cost to our patients thanks to generous corporate donors like Lhasa OMS. We are so grateful for this ongoing partnership. Thank you, Lhasa OMS!