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Interview with Lauren Salisbury, ND, MSAc, MS

Roosevelt Health Clinic Director

It’s an honor to introduce Roosevelt Health Center’s new Director, Lauren Salisbury, ND, MSAc, MS. Read on for a short interview with Dr. Salisbury!

Q: What is your background? How did you get into community health?
A: Before pursuing my degree in naturopathic medicine, I worked for the Houston Department of Health and Human Services, in the Bureau of Public Health Preparedness. I responded to several Public Health emergencies during my time with HDHHS and worked with vulnerable populations throughout the Houston area. I also have a Master’s in Nonprofit Management and in acupuncture.

I saw firsthand the importance of Community Health and how we could impact our most vulnerable populations with simple interventions.

Q: What is your role at Roosevelt Health Center?
A: I’m the current Roosevelt Health Center Director- my role is a little bit of everything. I oversee student rotations, patient care, different administrative functions and working with community organizations to let them know that we are a resource here for those who need it.

Q: What drew you to working at Roosevelt Health Center?
A: While I love being a naturopathic doctor, I felt in my heart that I was ignoring a large part of what I absolutely love, which is working with the community. I love working with students and helping them develop their clinical knowledge while watching them grow into physicians, and I knew I wanted a position where I could do both. I was drawn to Roosevelt because it feeds both of these passions for me.

Q: Where do you feel really in your element at work?
A: I feel most in my element when I’m on rotation with students, helping them grow their clinical knowledge and when reaching out to community organizations. I love to collaborate and share resources so that we can all make positive changes in the community.

Q: Why do you feel community health is important?
A: I think Community Health is important for naturopathic medicine because we can effect the whole and the individual. A part of what makes our medicine so unique is that we can offer individualized care for those who might not have access to this type of care.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
A: My favorite TV show is the Price is Right! It’s such a guilty pleasure! I am the worst at guessing the prices, and if I ever made it on the show, I would depend on my husband to feed me all the prices! I also have a six month old son who is learning about the Price is Right as well.