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Surviving One Tragedy After Another

Ferdinand's Story

Ferdinand* has been a patient at Roosevelt Health Center for years. His original appointments consisted of treating symptoms associated with having had reconstructive facial surgery after a serious accident in 1988. Ferdinand contracted COVID-19 in June and since then, has had a reoccurrence of the health issues he faced prior to the pandemic. He also now faces difficulty with proper lacrimation of his eyes and visual impairment. Confirming that he is unable to visit an ophthalmologist due to this financial situation, an eye exam was performed in-office and recommendations were made to support his visual health in the meantime until he can make that appointment in the future.

Ferdinand is also unable to purchase certain recommended supplements and prescriptions to support his cardiovascular health. In observance of this, the team at Roosevelt provides Ferdinand with free supplements and at-home recommendations every visit. Ferdinand’s overall health is also being routinely monitored with bloodwork evaluations provided at no cost to him. His health is improving with each appointment.

During his earlier appointments this year, Ferdinand almost always answered questions with only one or two words and avoided eye contact. He was overall very quiet and kept to himself. Over time, Ferdinand has built more trust with the students who attend to him on a regular basis. Ferdinand has opened up about his life story, doesn’t fail to be conversational and maintains eye contact regularly.

Ferdinand lost two loved ones due to COVID-19, is covered in bullet wound scars from serving in the Mexican military, and lives with consequences due to his facial reconstructive surgery, day to day. Ferdinand describes his life as “one tragedy after another.” This past visit he was gently reminded that the trials he has overcome inspires everyone around him– and that he is an honor to serve as a patient.


*Name has been changed to protect anonymity.