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Tempe Elementary Clinic Is Now Open!

We are excited to announce our new clinic in partnership with Tempe Elementary School District! Located in the Sonoran University Medical Center, this clinic will provide free health care to the approximately 11,000 children and their families who attend the district’s 23 schools. 

“This is our community,” said Dr. Paul Mittman, President & CEO of Sonoran University. “We’ve been in Tempe since 1996 and are honored to be able to give back in such an impactful way. The median individual income in Tempe was $31,926, household income was $61,290 and eight of the 23 schools qualify to provide free lunch to all students with 53% of remaining students qualifying for free or reduced lunch. The need for affordable medical resources in our city is greater than ever.”

This program will provide the Tempe Elementary School District community with the following benefits:

  • Access to medical care for the prevention and early identification of health conditions.
  • An opportunity to educate children and parents in self-care.
  • Fostering a healthy community, since good health is critical for scholastic success and effective learning.
  • Consistency in education. Children in better health take less sick time away from school.

Philanthropy is at the heart of everything we do. We are extremely grateful to the two local foundations who have made this new clinic possible by funding the first year of operations. If you would like to support the Tempe Elementary Clinic as well our other 5 clinics providing free healthcare to communities with limited access to resources, please click below! For the official press release, please click here.