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If you’re a resident of Arizona, here’s some exciting news that not only benefits your community but also offers you a tax break: the Charitable Tax Credit has increased for the 2024 tax year. This means more opportunities for individuals and couples filing jointly to support their favorite charitable organizations while reducing their state tax liability.

The 2024 Arizona Charitable Tax Credit has increased from $421 to $470 for individuals and from $841 to $938 for couples filing jointly. This increase presents a fantastic opportunity for Arizonans to make an even greater impact on causes they care about, like providing healthcare to communities with limited access to resources.

You can now claim a dollar-for-dollar credit of up to $470 on your state income taxes as an individual, or if you’re filing jointly with your spouse, you can claim a credit of up to $938. The beauty of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit is that it allows you to direct your tax dollars to organizations that align with your values and priorities. You can also stack the Charitable Tax Credit with the Foster Care Tax Credit and Public and Private School Tax Credits. You have the power to make a difference while reducing your tax burden.

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